Fashion Drawings From History

these are a fabulous collection of fashion drawings throughout history and across cultures.

[15th Century European]

[15th Century European]

[16th Century France]

[17th Century Baroque]

[17th Century French]


[19th Century Africa]

[19th Century Indian]

[19th Century Japan]

[19th Century Russia]

[19th Century Scotland]

[1790’s French Hairstyles]

[Ancient Egyptian]

[Dutch Folk Jewelry]

[Middle Ages Europe]

[Frankish Jewelry]

[Greco Roman Ornament]

[Greek Female Style]

[Ottoman Empire Hats]

[18th Century Mogul Arms]

[16th Century Mogul]

[Late 17th Century France]

[Louis XIV c.1700 France]

[Oceania Ornamentation]

[Persian Interior Decoration]

[Regency Empire Shawls 1800 – 1825]

[Renaissance Italy c.1550]

[Russian Enamel Work]

[Ottoman Turbans]


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