Isabelle De Borchgrave



These are the incredible works of art by Isabelle De Borchgrave. She is an artist from Brussels who make delightful and intricate costumes out of paper. I know, I didn’t believe they were paper at first either but they are! They are incredibly detailed and delightfully historically accurate. I think they are so whimsical & inspiring & I hope you find them just as swell.

rob_rus_02 rob_rus_01 rob_pap_15 rob_pap_11 rob_pap_10 rob_pap_07 rob_mus_25 rob_mus_19 rob_mus_16 rob_mus_15 rob_mus_14 rob_mus_13 rob_mus_12 rob_mus_10(1) rob_mus_08 rob_mus_07(1) rob_mus_02 rob_med_10 rob_med_07 rob_med_06 rob_med_05 rob_med_04 rob_med_03 rob_med_02 rob_kaf_niki_1


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