Vintage Bathing Suits and Babes

So in the spirit of doing what I said I would, I’m posting again.

These lovely ladies are here to celebrate the end of summer. Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_9_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_11_funnypagenet_com

I’d wear that skirted suit,

but I bet she’s got ticks standing in all that tall grass.

Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_14_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_23_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_24_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_26_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_32_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_37_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_42_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_46_funnypagenet_com Bathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_61_funnypagenet_comBathingsuitsarethe20thcentury_2_funnypagenet_com


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