Vehicles From Around The World… 1888 Style


 trading cards printed by W. Duke, Sons & Co. advertisement agency in 1888

these were found in cigarette cartons and often had educational material

from the Duke University Digital Archives

dscsi024980010 dscsi024990010 dscsi025000010 dscsi025010010 dscsi025020010 dscsi025030010 dscsi025040010 dscsi025050010 dscsi025060010 dscsi025070010 dscsi025080010 dscsi025090010 dscsi025100010 dscsi025110010 dscsi025120010 dscsi025130010 dscsi025140010 dscsi025150010 dscsi025160010 dscsi025170010 dscsi025180010 dscsi025190010 dscsi025200010 dscsi025210010 dscsi025220010 dscsi025230010 dscsi025240010 dscsi025250010 dscsi025260010 dscsi025270010 dscsi025280010 dscsi025290010 dscsi025300010 dscsi025310010 dscsi025320010 dscsi025330010 dscsi025340010 dscsi025350010 dscsi025360010 dscsi025370010 dscsi025380010 dscsi025390010 dscsi025400010 dscsi025410010 dscsi025420010 dscsi025430010 dscsi025440010 dscsi025450010 dscsi025460010


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