Victorian Actresses & A Pack Of Smokes


these are trading cards from tobacco containers between 1880-1910

these girls are listed as “actresses” but it was common for prostitutes to have what were basically business cards with pictures on them so….


dscsi031390010 dscsi031010010
dscsi030520010 dscsi010200010 dscsi011080010 dscsi011060010 dscsi035860010 dscsi035830010 dscsi035850010 dscsi030620010 dscsi012530010 dscsi012560010 dscsi031250010 dscsi030750010 dscsi032400010 dscsi031410010 dscsi032020010 dscsi031530010 dscsi031660010 dscsi030650010 dscsi030680010 dscsi032160010 dscsi012860010 dscsi011860010 dscsi030760010 dscsi036200010 dscsi036170010 dscsi012440010 dscsi020400010 dscsi032200010 dscsi010600010


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